Collision Repair

Before any work is done on your vehicle, our Integrity Auto Body staff will examine yourvehicle and do a thorough damage assessment. Once you are notified of the extent of the damage, they will explain which areas of your vehicle require repair, and answer any questions you may have regarding the repair process. Integrity Auto Body’s First Step is to always make the client aware of the exact repair needs of the vehicle with an accurate assessment of the cost. Then the original layers of paint are removed, dents are taken out and the vehicle body is prepared for refinishing. Our staff will clean the damaged area, sanding and filling it with body-repair material until the surface is clean and smooth. Any bare sheet metal is covered with a two-component primer to protect against corrosion. Preparations start for applying the color coat. The vehicle is covered to protect it from overspray. A primersurfacer is applied to seal the substrate and guarantee good adhesion of paint. After the surfacer hardens, it is sanded and cleaned. Next, the paint is mixed to match the factory specified color of your vehicle. Then the color coat is applied in a spray booth. Finally, a clearcoat is applied to ensure the gloss and texture of the repaired areas are identical in every way to the original finish. The clearcoat also provides protection against fading, and it guarantees that your vehicle will keep its beautiful color for a very long time.

Integrity Auto Body uses the following professional auto repair equipment for evaluating and fixing damage to your vehicle:

Car-o-liner spot welder- puts a factory weld on the unibody

Car-o-liner frame machine- for when the frame or unibody is bend, the frame machine is used to bring it back to factory specs

Car-o-liner vision X3- completely computerized measuring system that can measure frames to aid repairs and return your car’s frame to it’s factory specs